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Since 2001, Dimensions in Art Glass LLC has existed to take the ideas of our clients and bring them to life in glass. We do this using a variety of glass working techniques including sandblast etching, leaded glass, beveling, and fused glass. We are so proud to have our art glass incorporated into hundreds of homes throughout Colorado. We invite you to browse through our website or visit our showroom for more ideas and inspiration.

We also enjoy sharing our enthusiasm and experience with those who want to learn the art of working with glass. Visit our class section for descriptions and schedules of classes. We also carry a wide selection of glass and supplies.

Artists’ Statements:

Deb Kessler
From the time I was a child, I have had a passion for making things. Growing up in Estes Park, a small town in the mountains of Colorado with breathtaking scenery, made me appreciate the beauty of nature. I have been working with glass for 36 years now and still look forward to every day with a sense of enthusiasm and curiosity. It doesn't matter if I am working out a complicated design, getting splashed with polishing compound while beveling or getting down to the "gritty" in the sandblast room, I enjoy every minute. Every project presents a different set of challenges and I am always willing to try something new and different. What makes glass a unique challenge to me is the way it interacts with light. I find myself saying this often- "It's all about the light". The glass changes with every hour of the day so when you purchase a piece of art glass, you are not getting just one static piece of art but an ever-changing interactive composition.

Stacey Waldfogel

Stacey Waldfogel is a free-spirited Colorado native with a passion for reviving old-world craftsmanship to create art that reflects modern life and her love of nature. Stacey sees glass as the most versatile of art media—stained glass, fusing, etching, painting—working with glass presents myriad possibilities to explore her creativity. Each piece of glass has its own personality, and Stacey loves pulling the different colors and textures together to capture a moment in time, in a work of art that is both fragile and strong. A self-taught enthusiast, Stacey has apprenticed with local glass artists and continually seeks knowledge to enhance her skill level. She has experience with both residential and commercial commissions, and is skilled at interpreting someone’s idea or vision and bringing it to life, creating beautiful glass art for display in homes and businesses.
To see more of Stacey’s work visit: Eco-Spirit-Designs

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